The advantages of a Folding Wheelchair

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If you’re planning to get a wheelchair, there are various kinds you’ll find in the market, and you can opt for a folding wheelchair which is among the widely used types of a wheelchair. Folding wheelchair is commonly used by many physically challenged athletes when in competitions because it’s fairly simple, very light in weight, and efficient. Such a wheelchair is as well very comfortable and versatile. It also offers the user a freedom to maneuver and have a very easy access in the community. If you’ve ever studied the entire specifics of a folding wheelchair, you were perhaps amazed at the intricacy of its parts.

A folding wheelchair could possibly be used excessively and may wear down over time, just like the other sorts of wheelchair. The nice thing about a folding wheelchair is its flexibility which is not the same with other standard wheelchairs that were built rigidly. Therefore when something breaks down, wheelchairs are usually much easier to repair.

In comparison to regular wheelchairs, a folding wheelchair is much more portable to carry and transport. When travelling by a vehicle, a folding wheelchair is easy to fold and keep it in the boot. Compared to a standard wheelchair, you’ll still need a wheelchair lift or ramp to place the wheelchair inside the vehicle and could only fit into a bigger vehicles such as vans.

Having a folding wheelchair is far more hassle-free than any other wheelchairs.

When you are not using a wheelchair, it can just be folded up and stored away. This folding wheelchair is also very helpful to an individual who’s upper body is weak. Which makes it ideal because it does not require upper body strength, and so easy to control and maneuver.

A person who knows a lot about wheelchairs is most probably going to recommend you to get a folding wheelchair with a vertical x-frame. This kind of wheelchair with vertical x-frame has a thin, and very compact structure. The structure makes it more portable and easier to transport and store compared to other types of wheelchairs.

Yet, this type of wheelchair having a vertical x-frame also have a stability issue according to American Medical Association. Rather than folding it forward, this kind of wheelchair with an x-frame is designed to be folded right down on its middle part, and side to side. This aspect has been found to reduce the rigidity when the wheelchair is open. Because of these findings, many wheelchair manufacturers have pulled out the vertical x-frames from their products. Despite this, the x-frames are still popular due to its simple and sturdy design.

Hopefully you or your loved ones will never need to use a wheelchair. In case someone might need the use of a wheelchair, the best one to choose is a folding wheelchair because of the benefits it could give to the user.